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An ad encouraging people to find their emergency zone with a phone displaying a map and text: "Have you found your zone yet?"

Zonehaven is now Genasys Protect.

1. Click here to enter your address and learn your zone. Then come back for STEP TWO.

A marked map with numbered sections and streets, possibly indicating districts or areas for reference or planning.

2. Based on the zone provided by Genasys Protect in STEP 1, select your zone below for more information:







Ad for "Genasys Protect" mobile app; it displays maps with zones and alerts, plus download options for App Store & Google Play.

3. Download the Genasys Protect App for your mobile device to receive notifications. NOTE: This is not a replacement for Contra Costa County Community Warning System (CWS)- please ensure you are registered with Contra Costa County  CWS as your primary emergency alert notification. 

Visit CWS to register:



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