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What to consider when evacuating your home.

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Your evacuation plan starts from knowing your primary route from your house and learning alternate routes if there are changes in conditions. Learn all the available routes from your home, both by car and on foot. 

Register for alerts and communications to ensure you receive critical messages. Every resident should know their way to safety, and Kensington Police and Fire will provide additional evacuation route details if necessary. Be sure that your phone can accept messages when it is in Do Not Disturb mode. Click here to learn how to activate the Emergency Bypass feature to receive notifications while your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

Law enforcement and fire may direct you to a temporary assembly area to await transfer to a safe location. Please follow their directions promptly.

As of August 2021, evacuation route signs have been placed at the intersection of Arlington and Sunset to point toward Sunset View Cemetery. If an evacuation occurs, Kensington Police will open the gates to the cemetery to provide an opportunity for residents to evacuate with reduced congestion.

Please make sure you have a plan for shelter if you are evacuated.

It may take time to establish evacuation centers. You are best benefitted by having a plan. 


It may take time to establish evacuation centers. You benefit best by having a plan. Whether you stay in a hotel or with a family member or friend, ensure your emergency plan is clear and well communicated.

If you need additional shelter options, visit the following resources:

Red Cross Disaster Shelters

FEMA SHELTER LOOKUP:For a link to look up shelter locations near you on your smartphone, text SHELTER to 43362Note: Searching for shelters will not add you to a list. 



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