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Emergency Water Storage and Fire Extinguishers Supply Sale

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When an earthquake hits, one of the most important things to have on hand is drinking water.  EBMUD expects to have most residential services restored within a month of a major quake. To be prepared for that month, 1 gallon of potable water and 1 gallon of sanitation water per person per day is recommended.


We HIGHLY recommend purchasing water storage items as a Complete

Package as they contain everything needed for a single location, including FDA

Approved food-grade plastic water barrels or totes, wrenches, dispensing

method (spigot or pump), bleach, a bleach dosing syringe, and instructions.


We partner with the Lamorinda CERT organization for these sales. You must

preorder before noon on Thursday, April 27th. In order to correctly route your

order for pickup, please note El Cerrito CERT on the checkout page! An email

will be sent confirming your purchase.


To begin your order, visit

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