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Communication Tools

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If an emergency is happening in Kensington, how will you find out about it?  Use the following tools to stay informed.

  • Register to receive County Warning System Alerts.  When an emergency impacts your neighborhood, the Contra Costa County  Warning System will alert registered users (phone call, email, text). Register to receive these alerts. Visit to sign up. You'll want to enter the alert caller ID into your contacts so your mobile phone does not flag the call as "possible spam." Don't miss critical information; register and add "925-655-0195" as a contact named "Contra Costa Community Warning System" into your mobile device. 


  • Subscribe to Nixle alerts. The Nixle platform is used by your Police and Fire Department's first responders to communicate directly with subscribers. It's easy to subscribe. Using your mobile phone, text your zip code to "888777".   Additional information can be found in the Kensington Fire Protection District's Wildfire Preparedness Workbook. Click here to download the workbook and turn to pages 3 and 4 for more information about subscribing to CWS and Nixle.


  • Register for Kensington Emergency Preparedness information from the Fire District. The Kensington Fire Protection District sends subscribers emergency preparedness and active emergency information. This email will inform residents of Red Flag days for high fire risk and has been used to communicate sandbag availability during winter storms. Request to be added by emailing


  • Know your zone. Kensington has been divided up into several zones to target our communication efficiently. Knowing your zone will help you understand emergencies happening in your community. Visit to know your zone.


  • Subscribe to Nextdoor. Nextdoor is the most used social media platform in Kensington. Currently, there are 3,845 residents in Kensington using the Nextdoor platform. This platform has a function that allows the district to send urgent alerts to subscribers.  To sign up, visit

Need help with registering or have questions? Contact Johnny Valenzuela, the KFPD Emergency Preparedness Coordinator


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